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American Power After 9 11 by Marvin L. Astrada

By Marvin L. Astrada

In a post-Cold conflict, post-9/11 international, the appearance people international supremacy led to the deploy, perpetuation, and dissemination of an Absolutist safety time table (ASA).  The ASA explicitly and aggressively articulates US nationwide defense as international security:  because the cave in of the USSR and the 11th of September terrorist assaults, the united states has sought to unilaterally outline, enforce, and deal with systemic safety coverage. This paintings therefore probes the conceptual and empirical elements, dynamics, and consequentialness of the ASA on international defense coverage and the procedure of states by means of utilizing severe research of the ASA vis-?-vis protection, terror, proliferation, legislations, and rogue states.

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S. Military Academy at West Point (2002) and the New National Security Strategy 2002 are exemplary of this. According to S. C. Marino, “This doctrine is at the margin of both international law and the rules and practices of recognized international norms. ”25 Absolutist Security: Characteristics and Dynamics ● 29 The legitimacy and mechanics of “regime change” defines the modus operandi of the post-9/11 global security policy, which is under an ASA unilateral, militaristic, legal, and preemptive in character.

S. homeland. Various policies have been put into effect on the international level (2001–2008) to make this a reality—policies that arrogate the power to inform if not define all states’ security interests to the United States: • The United States has used the Financial Action Task Force (hereinafter FATF) to promote international standards and is helping develop FATFstyle regional bodies to support implementation of these standards, including most recently the Middle East/North Africa Financial Action Task Force and the Eurasian Group to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

S. policy becomes a requisite precondition for any discourse vis-à-vis global security. The event of 9/11, in and of itself, has enabled the United States to pursue an unfettered campaign to exercise plenary control over world affairs based on the ubiquitous threat of malevolent terror. S. S. S. security as the lodestar defining global security policy. This strategy promotes and consolidates “a new global political and economic order congenial to American state interests . . [and] this . . S.

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