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Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete by R. N. Swamy

By R. N. Swamy

This publication stories the basic explanations and spectrum results of ASR. It considers he advances which were made in our figuring out of this challenge through the global.

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7. Diamond38 studied sodium silicate gels experimentally and found that sodic gels which swelled on exposure to water under free-swelling conditions were of two types, very high-swelling types (60–80%) and quite low-swelling types (less than 4%), but with no clear correlation with the sodium to silica ratio. Calcium-containing gels were found only to expand moderately. 5 MPa. Again there was no clear correlation with the chemical composition or with the high and low grouping for freely swelling gels.

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Proceedings of a Symposium on Alkali-Aggregate Reaction, Preventive Measures, pp. 113–130. 35. T. J. (1947) Chemical test for the reactivity of aggregate with cement alkalis: chemical processes in cement aggregate reaction. Am. Conc. Inst. Pr. 44, 193–224. 36. W. (1981) Expansion due to alkali-silica reaction and the influence of pulverised fuel ash. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on AlkaliAggregate Reaction in Concrete, S252/30, pp. 1–10. 37. E. (1978) An attempt to predict the maximum forces that could be generated by alkali-silica reaction.

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