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Aladdin and Other Tales from the Arabian Nights (Puffin by Anonymous

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Tn all quarters of the country similar legends are current, more or less founded upon the Ljungby legend. As late as the present year (18S8) the translator met a gentleman, recently from Sweden, and from the province in which Ljungby is located, who states that the horn is still in the possession of the owners of the Ljungby estate, and that this story concerning it is still current aud quite . generally believed. 31 SKANE. 82 supported on pillars of gold, and under the midst of their revelry. it the Trolls in discovering the horseman a young Troll woman, leaving the others, approached him bearing a Upon drinking horn and pipe.

Later Girs was shown a sunken place or bog- which extended from the aforementioned bluff inland three-eighths of a mile and terminated at the hole in Kumlaby meadow, where it is supposed Gilbertil is imprisoned. As late as the beginning of the eighteenth century the story was so generally credited that few or none could be found who were not entirely convinced that Gilbertil was still, by some devilish power, alive and laboring to free himself from his imprisonment. 45 SMALAND. 46 Runske, another notorious Troll man who lived in the parish of Habo, in Vestergotland.

In extreme rage he then attempted to tear himself loose with his teeth, which also became fastened. ored to break Thus bouncl, hands, feet and mouth, Kettil threw him into the deep hole which is now to be seen in the meadow of Kumlaby, and which has received the name of GilbertiPs hole. game In early times there lived in Soasan, a range of hills not far from the well-known city of Eksjo, a woman * The inhabitants of Eksjo and thereabout relate many stories of and the like, but these are the most complete and characteristic.

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