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Agriculture and energy by William Lockeretz

By William Lockeretz

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Are included as ancillary energy. Embodied energy is that energy required to manufacture durable inputs such as tractors, machinery, buildings, fences, etc. Direct energy consumption was calculated from the survey data in the form of average quantities of individual fuels used per acre or per animal unit in the production process. These average quantities were converted to kilogram calories (kcal) using the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics [1] to ob­ tain a "Usable Energy" coefficient. The indirect energy re­ quired to refine, market, and transport these fuels was derived using information from the 1963 energy input-output model of Herendeen [3].

The yields in pounds per acre or per animal unit and the price per pound of production are indicated in the respective tables. The reader should be cautioned that the kcal per dollar of production calculation will vary with variation in the mar­ ket price of the specific commodity. Therefore, the coeffici­ ent of energy use per dollar of beef produced is overstated for the 1975 year since cattle prices during 1975 averaged about half of their long run average. This explains the apparent excessive energy requirement per dollar value of production shown in Table 4.

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