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Agricultural Policies In Oecd Countries At A Glance by OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

By OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

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Producer Support Estimate (PSE) Level and composition over time... Payments based on input constraints, income, etc. Payments based on historical entitlements Payments based on area planted/animal numbers MPS, payments based on output and input use % of gross farm receipts 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 8 19 6 87 19 8 19 8 89 19 9 19 0 91 19 9 19 2 9 19 3 9 19 4 95 19 9 19 6 97 19 9 19 8 99 20 0 20 0 0 20 1 02 20 03 Support to producers (% PSE) has fallen from 75% in 1986-88 to 67% in 2001-03, however it is still more than twice the OECD average.

Farm receipts from sugar and milk were also twice what they would be without support, while those of rice were four and a half times higher. AGRICULTURAL POLICIES IN OECD COUNTRIES: AT A GLANCE – ISBN 92-64-01603-1 – © OECD 2004 29 I. EVALUATION OF SUPPORT POLICY DEVELOPMENTS Differences in the level of support and protection across commodities within the agricultural sector of a country can contribute significantly to distortions in resource allocation. 10). Norway and Switzerland, which are two high support countries, have a relatively even distribution in support levels between commodities.

Spread in commodity support by country (Per cent of value of gross farm receipts) 1986-88 2001-2003 Japan Korea Iceland European Union OECD2 Hungary1 Turkey Norway Canada USA Switzerland Mexico Czech Republic1 Slovak Republic1 Poland1 New Zealand Australia 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 % Note: Spread in commodity support is measured by the coefficient of variation of commodity producer NACs, weighted by value of production, shown in terms of per cent of gross farm receipts. 1. For the Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, Poland and the Slovak Republic, 1986-88 refers to 1991-93.

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