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Aesop's Fables by Charles Robinson

By Charles Robinson

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He was very sorry to see her eat so sparingly, and hoped that the dish was seasoned to her mind. The Stork, seeing that she notice of it, was played upon, took no but herself extremely the Fox to dine ; pretended to enjoy and at parting begged So he agreed He with her the next day. arrived in good time, and dinner was to return the visit. forthwith ordered ; but when it was served up, he found to his dismay, that it was nothing but minced meat in a tall, narrow-necked jar. Down this the Stork easily thrust her long neck and bill, while the Fox had to content himself " I with licking the outside of the am jar.

It is but as fine as do not know a bird that can The Crow, tickled with this very civil and wriggled about, and hardly knew where she was. But language, nestled thinking the Fox a little doubtful as to the quality of her voice, and having a mind to set him right in the matter, she began to sing, and in the same instant, down dropped the cheese which the Fox presently chopped up, and then bade ; her remember that whatever he had said of her beauty, he had spoken nothing yet of her brains.

And make Jupiter, their foolishness, smiled at their request, and threw down a log into the lake, which by the huge splash and commotion it made, sent the whole nation of Frogs into the greatest terror and amazeThey rushed under the water and ment. mud, and dared not come within a At leap's-length of the spot where it lay. into the length one Frog bolder than the rest ventured to pop his head above the water, and take a look at their new king from a distance. respectful Presently when saw the log still, began to and it others swim up around it, they stock- lie to by de- till grees growing bolder and bolder, they leaped treated it at last it and with the upon greatest contempt.

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