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Adobe Camera Raw for Digital Photographers Only by Rob Sheppard

By Rob Sheppard

Specialist photographer Rob Sheppard explains the main points of digital camera uncooked, the stairs for utilizing it, the workflow technique, and likely most sensible practices that demonstrates how digicam uncooked can empower the electronic photographer. Encouraging you to take advantage of it as you spot healthy, he explores the improvements within the latest new release and is helping you take care of RAW's barriers, deal with white stability and publicity, decrease noise (especially in evening shots,) and discover ways to use digital camera settings that utilize uncooked functions.

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Once you start using RAW and Camera Raw in a consistent manner, you find you can really do it quickly and efficiently. And if you shoot RAW + JPEG, you can always go the JPEG route when you have to do a lot of images in a hurry. An enjoyment and appreciation of craft is one of the joys of photography. Meet a challenging subject or scene head-on in RAW, then master it in a great image, and you will feel satisfaction in that conquest, a conquest that comes from craft. Photography is part science and technology, part craft, and part art.

JPEG offers far less flexibility and control, but it is fast, requires less work, and needs less storage space. One reason I shoot both is because I can get prints anywhere from a JPEG almost immediately, which I can then give to people I have promised prints to, even while shooting in remote locations. Many photographers now shoot RAW and JPEG to take advantage of the best of both — a great way to go (especially because memory cards now offer a lot of megabytes with less cost). This gives you the benefits of both formats — increased flexibility from RAW whenever you need it and the ability to work quickly with JPEG files when that is appropriate.

It does require you to pay attention to how you work — you have to expose right, choose the white balance correctly, and so forth, as shown here. It is like having a little RAW expert doing conversions for you in the camera. That said, realize that this conversion is done automatically with no control on your part. Engineers working to maximize camera appeal and sales create algorithms that make good-looking JPEG files, but if you want to have this control, then you must shoot RAW and make the conversions yourself.

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