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A Teacher's Guide to The Bill of Rights: A History in by Sarah Drake Brown

By Sarah Drake Brown

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You could use the sentence “The iron is theirs” to remember that “belonging to them” is spelled the + ir. ” PRACTICE LAP Fill in the following blanks with either there, their, or they’re. 1. The Ambersons are having ______ annual holiday party tonight. 2. Are you staying here or going ______? 3. The rock band had ______ first hit in 2005. 4. ______ happy that we came to ______ restaurant. 5. The first time I saw ______ new puppy, I knew he belonged ______. Check your answers at the end of the chapter.

The verb form of the noun breath is spelled with an e; therefore, breathe is the correct choice. Who. Whom is used as a substitution for him, her, or them, while who is used as a substitution for he, she, or they. To find the correct answer, turn the question into a statement. ” Therefore, the correct choice is who. than; then. Than is used when comparing two things. The first part of the sentence compares singing with dancing; therefore, than is the best choice. The second part of the sentence is a little trickier.

If the word is a verb, it is probably affect. ” For example, you could say: The moon affects the tides. Or: My grades were affected positively when I started going to sleep an hour earlier. Effect can be used as a verb, but its usage is much less common. ” Although this sentence is grammatically correct, more often than not, if the sentence calls for a verb, affect will be the correct choice. assure/ensure/insure Assure, ensure, and insure are all verbs with a similar meaning, which might lead you to believe that this means the words are interchangeable.

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