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A Proficiency Course in English (Grammar & reference) by F.V. Bywater

By F.V. Bywater

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She has no intention (forgive)him for making her (look) so small. 12. If wine has gone a little sour, have you ever tried (heat) it and (add) a little sugar? 13. Why do you suspect ( I pull) your leg? 14. It is no use (cry) over spilt milk. 15. He was talking (apply) for a job as a private secretary. 16. He will not consider (leave) London, whatever inducements you may offer him. 17. Some people like (tramp) about the world better than (settle)down in one place. 18. Why do you let him (behave) like that to you?

High and mighty 20. head over heels 21. there and then 19. a free-for-all 23. far and away 24. long and short 22. life and soul of 25. touch and go d. Form as many words as possible from the following by adding p f i x e s or suffixes. 1. encourage 2. press 3. help 4. light 13: The pleonastic 'it' (the extra 'it') a. In certain kinds of sentence it is used as a kind of preparatory object before the real object which is either an infinitive phrase or a clause. This has already been observed in considering some of the basic verbs.

He took up playing golf late in life. (The same preposition as in 3 before a gerund. ) 9. He took it all for grantedlas a matter of course. ) THE CONSTRUCT'IONS WITH BASIC VERBS Talk 1. He talked (to me) ofabout exotic lands. ) 2. He talked (to me) oflabout travelling in exotic lands. ) 3. He gave a talk on the international situation. (Note the different preposition. ) 4. He gave a talk on joining the Common Market. ) 5. He talked me into that purchase. (Note the preposition. ) 6. He talked me into buying that.

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