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A Practical English Grammar: Exercises 2 (Bk. 2) by A. J. Thomson

By A. J. Thomson

The routines can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They contain a solution key.

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M. 14 I just (pick) ten pounds of strawberries! I (grow) strawberries for years but I never (have) such a good crop before. 15 What you (do) with the corkscrew? The point is broken off. ~ I'm afraid I (use) it to make holes in this tin. 16 She just (sell) two of her own paintings. ~ She's lucky. I (paint) for five years and I (not sell) a single picture yet. 17 They are throwing crockery at each other in the next flat. ~ This (happen) before? ~ Well, they (have) a good many rows but this is the first time they (throw) crockery.

7 There (be) quite good kennels near here, and they (take) him if I (ask). 8 He (be) there once before and (seem) to get on all right. Love Sarah Part 2 Dear Sarah 9 I (be) very sorry to hear about your mother's illness, and (be) glad that you (go) to Scotland to see how she is. 10 It (be) nice for her see you. 11 Of course I (look) after Tim. 12 We thoroughly (enjoy) having him last year and my dog (miss) him when he (leave) and (look) for him everywhere. 13 I'm sure he (be) delighted to see him again.

Yes, I (be) there last Easter. ~ You (go) by train? ~ No, I (hitch-hike). 24 I (not see) Charles for some time. ~ He (be) ill, poor chap. He (collapse) at work a fortnight ago and (be taken) to hospital. They (send) him home after two days but he (not come) back to work yet. 25 There (be) a very good programme on TV last night. You (see) it? ~ No, I (take) my set back to the shop last week because there (be) so much distortion; and they (say) it (need) a new part. They (not be able) to get the new part so far, so I (not watch) television for about ten days.

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