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A grammar of the Irish language by John O'Donovan

By John O'Donovan

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No Ogham c. 30. inscriptions have, however, as yet been found on any of the monuments ascribed Irish writers to the Tua tha De Dananns, excepting the cave in the mound at New Grange, which exhibits a few Ogham cha- by the XXV 111 Introduction. tioned as of the Tuatha Ogma Mac rest De Danann Elathaln, who colony ; to is said one of the species of virgular characters called and among the have invented Ogham 6 ; and who was worshipped by the Brigid, daughter of the Dagda, the Scotic poets of after ages as the goddess of poetry.

But all suppose what first is, is nothing but to beg the question, and to under debate, till these books, or some of that is them, be published to the world, with and documents fair literal translations, to prove their authority and age, and to shew how, and where they have been preserved during so many ages. "2. FLAHERTY, fora proof that the Irish had not the use of letters from the Latins, and by consequence that their letters were much ancienter than the preaching of the Gospel among them, and peculiar to the Irish, tells us, that their let from those of the Latins, and all others in name, and to order, character, number, pronunciation and force shew this, he gives from the Book of Lecan (an Irish MS.

Patrick, at Inchaguile, in nephew of Galway work, p. of this a fac-simile : 164, and words, in the w Moore vol. i. p. s 208. is Roman here inserted. It characters of the History of Ireland, Lough Corrib, county also given in is x fifth century Transactions Irish Mr. Petrie s contains the following Academy, : of the Royal xx. p. 133. vol. Introduction. " The manu Irish oldest is the script extant in Ireland Book of Armagh, now possession Brownlow. of the in the Rev. Mr. of the It contains a copy and some Gospels, very old Lives of St.

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