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1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context by Errey M.

By Errey M.

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He’s a strange guy. I never know what he’s thinking and I really can’t figure him _ _ _ . You have to _ _ _ _ in the blanks with a word that correctly completes the sentence. Our teacher is sick today, so another teacher is filling _ _ for her. The police spokesman filled the reporters in _ _ the latest developments in the case. Before you’re interviewed for a visa, you’ll have to fill _ _ _ a visa application form. Can you fill the car _ _ with gas before bringing it back? How did you find _ _ _ about the company’s secret plans?

Make sure someone drops off these samples at the customer’s office today. drop out ✍ I’ll pop by the library on my way home and drop the books in. Could you drop the sales report in to my office when it’s done? drop off drop by Why don’t you drop by on your way home from work and help me cook some food? How about dropping by on Saturday afternoon and we’ll watch the golf? drop in (4/4) ✍  Some movie directors say big studios want them to dumb their movies down so more people can understand them.

How did the idea of starting your own software company come _ _ _ _ _ ? She came _ _ _ _ _ _ some old letters and postcards while clearing out her closets. He comes across _ _ very serious when you first meet him, but he can be quite funny. Her English is coming _ _ _ _ _ very well. She can join in our conversations now. We’re going out to dinner. Why don’t you _ _ _ _ along? The old magazine came _ _ _ _ _ when I opened it and some pages fell out. He doesn’t agree yet, but he’ll eventually come _ _ _ _ _ _ .

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